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Fast, Easy and GUARANTEED!


WHY CHOOSE GEMINI GROUP? While we can’t protect you from all regulatory compliance problems, we can help you create perfectly compliant Consumer Confidence Reports. In fact, we offer a No-Worries Compliance Guarantee that your reports will always meet your state’s requirements.


For more than 20 years, Gemini Group has successfully managed the production and distribution of more than 80 Million CCRs throughout the country.



With our No-Worries Compliance Guarantee, you know the reports we create will always meet your state’s requirements.


Experience peace-of-mind with our 9-step compliance check. We always have your back.


With over 25 years of experience and more than 80 million compliant CCRs delivered, we know our stuff.


As our client, you're never alone. We’re here for you every step of the way.


When there's a compliance violation, it's YOUR reputation and career on the line.

At Gemini Group, we understand the pressure and responsibility that comes with
ensuring water quality compliance. That's why we've developed the gold standard for
creating compliant Consumer Confidence Reports (Water Quality Reports), providing
you with CCR management services that are fast, easy and guaranteed.

What we do for YOU

Whether you need printed reports or just an electronic version for posting on the Internet, we have the perfect program for you. We handle everything from start to finish: guaranteed compliance, customized design with optional printing, mailing, foreign language translation, and Web hosting services. You simply complete a short “interview” through our online report generator and send us any pictures, graphic images, mailing lists, etc., and we’ll handle the rest – it’s really that easy!

We’ll help you write your report
Exclusive use of our simple, step-by-step online report generator
100% No-Worries Compliance Guarantee – Your CCRs will always be compliant
Knowledgeable and friendly staff always here when you need us
Unlimited access to compliance consultants to answer all your questions
Educate your customers with engaging, prewritten, and editable articles from our extensive library
Include your own pictures, maps, etc., or use our images for free
Get a digital copy of your CCR for posting on your web page
Choice of beautifully designed, full-color, brochure-style printed reports
Professional design, editing, proofreading, and production services
Printing, mailing, and much, much more

Trusted & Approved

Well, maybe not that easy – So I let my 5-year old kid take over. I said, “Get to work!  I’m going golfing and by the time I get back, I want all those numbers punched in!.”  It worked beautifully and the finished report was stunning, but I did get a call from the NWQMC. I don’t even know what that stands for, but it was easy!  There’s always next year.  Thank you Gemini Group!

Gemini does it all. I plug the data in, answer some simple questions and press a button and it’s done!!! As for regulatory updates and changes, again, Gemini takes care of all that so I know that the finished product is completely in compliance.  It’s like a soda machine, but maybe harder.

Having created CCRs myself prior to using Gemini, I can say with no reservation that using Gemini’s interactive software is 100 times easier and results in a very professional report. Also, Gemini’s staff are very helpful when questions arise and very knowledgeable about my state’s reporting regulations, which gives me peace of mind that my report is always in compliance. The service is prompt, trouble free and at a very reasonable cost. I have been using Gemini for over 17 years and am a very satisfied customer.

Design Styles

Our reports are beautifully designed and customized to your needs. We can design a report that you want posted on your website or we can print your brochure-style reports in full-color.

Web-Ready Version

Our web-ready report is a printer-friendly, electronic version of your report for posting on the Internet. We will design your report to fit on standard 8.5 x 11 pages so your customers can easily and conveniently print hard copies.

Web Hosting

Our exclusive Web Hosting service complies with the requirements for posting your CCR on the Internet, allowing you to keep an electronic version of your report online for your water customers to view from any computer with Internet access. Your report is presented in a colorful, interactive, 3-D book-style format, allowing your customers to “flip” pages, download, and print on demand.

Stack of Envelopes
Mailing Services

We offer a comprehensive and inexpensive mailing service that eliminates all of the confusion associated with US Postal Service regulations and restrictions. Our service includes CASS Certification, sorting, labeling, and delivery to the Post Office.


Mailing a postcard is an inexpensive alternative that lets your customers know where they can view your report on the Internet. We provide customizable templates in which you can add your logo/seal, URL address, QR Code, etc.

Foreign Language Translation

You can inexpensively provide your customers with fully translated versions of your Consumer Confidence Report. Choose between full-color, brochure-style printed reports and/or a fully designed electronic version of your translated report for easy viewing on any computer with Internet access.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Public water systems are required to provide information that is accessible to all members of the public. Specifically, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act stipulate how documents are to be made available to the general public. Although not specifically part of the CCR rule it does, however, address the need for systems to make a ‘best faith effort’ to make the CCR available to all their consumers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help me write my report?

Yes, you just answer a few questions on our online questionnaire, and we will manage everything else.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes, we offer you a 100% guarantee that your CCR will be perfectly compliant, or we’ll redo it and redistribute it to your customers and no cost to you. Of course, that’s assuming that the information you provided to us was accurate. We can only be as good as the information you give us!

Do I have to know anything about the CCR regulation and requirements?

Nope! As our client, that’s our job. You just answer some questions about your water system and we’ll make sure all the required language, footnotes, additional information, etc., are included in your report.

What is your process?
  1. Our process begins with your completing the online questionnaire.

  2. Once we receive your information, we perform a complete compliance and technical review to make certain it meets your state’s reporting requirements.

  3. We then have your report professionally proofread and edited so that it reads like the professional document it is.

  4. It’s then laid out and designed in 1 of 3 report style options of your choice. You can provide us with images, maps, illustrations, etc., to include in your report at no extra cost.

  5. We return a full-color proof of your report to review and approve or make edits.

  6. Upon approval, your report is complete. We then move on to provide you with the other items/services you ordered.

How long does the process take?

That depends on the services you ordered. But basically, our questionnaire takes only about 30-60 minutes to complete. Once we have your draft CCR, we can have it completed within 5 days (if not sooner).

Do you offer general information and educational articles that I can include in my CCR?

Yes, we offer a library of great articles that you can pick from to include in your report.

What will this cost me?

That depends on the services you need from us. You can get a quick quote from our website. Click here, login (register if it’s your first time), then click Step 1.

Can my report be translated into foreign languages?

Yes, we can create your CCR in any language you need.

Do you offer mailing services?

Yes, we offer complete mailing services so we can mail your CCR to your customers or alternatively, we can mail postcard notifications instead.

Contact Us
Contact Us

At Gemini Group, we believe that exceptional customer service is the foundation of our success. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your compliance goals and protect your utility's reputation. When you contact us, you'll have the opportunity to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives who can help you understand the benefits of our compliance reporting services and answer any questions you may have. Don't let a compliance violation damage your reputation and career - contact Gemini Group today and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with the best in the industry.

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